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We are excited to announce that you are now able to complete and submit SBISD athletic paperwork electronically.  This will ensure the fastest, most direct and most secure way to submit your child’s paperwork. In order to complete this process you must know the student’s school ID. 


The physical/medical history form must still be printed, and taken to your physician. Click HERE for the 2018-2019 physical form OR copy and paste this link in your web browser- (  The completed medical history and physical forms should only be returned to your child’s coach and all other forms can be completed on-line.  Students will not be eligible to participate until the entire pre-participation packet is completed and submitted to the Sports Medicine Department. 


Electronic forms are available now at the following link:

Rank One Paperwork



Any student-athlete who goes to a doctor's appointment must bring a note from the doctor stating the athlete's restrictions/clearance. A student-athlete who goes to the doctor and does not bring a note from the doctor will NOT be allowed to participate in any activity until the athletic trainers receive the note. NO EXCEPTIONS. 






Athletic Training is a profession that requires responsibility, hard work, self-discipline, and a commitment to the program. No one really knows those nameless people that stand on the sidelines of athletic events handing out water. Some assume that they are mere water boys and girls daydreaming into outer space wasting time away. Those unidentified people are called athletic trainers, the so-called “back bone” (no pun intended) of the whole sports operation. An athletic trainer is an essential part of the athletic staff that acts as a liaison between the team’s physician and the coaching staff. Athletic trainers are licensed individuals that must have a keen eye to recognize, evaluate, and assess all injuries that afflict athletes. Athletic trainers have a specialized knowledge in a broad spectrum of health care fields. On any given day we may be anything from a sports psychologist to team nutritionist. We work from dawn to dusk daily to ready the “athlete”, to prepare them for making the winning play of the game. Brett Favre didn’t take the Packers through a Cinderella season without an athletic trainer…trust me! Would Jerry Rice have made it back to the 49ers within six months if their team did not have an athletic trainer? So the next time you see someone supplying the athletes with water please look a little longer and a little closer and you will see a team of persons working hard to keep the team healthy, solid, and whole.

Tyra Harrell and Sarah Sturm

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Tyra Harrell and Sarah Sturm






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Student Athletic Training Application for Middle School Students