Our professional school counselors work with staff, students, families and the community to provide developmental assistance to students. Counselors provide support for students in both a virtual and an in-person learning environment. Please reach out to your counselor should you need assistance academically or personally. Your counselor is:

Susana Velis 713-251-3145    Last Names: A – Co
Jennifer Dyer 713-251-3148  Last Names: Cr-Hern
Jose Garcia 713-251-3276  Last Names: Herr-Mo
Brittney Landry 713-251-3114  Last Names: Mu-Rodriguez
Farah Ranjbaran 713-251-3113 Last Names: Rodriguez-Carbajal-Z


Professional school counselors are dedicated to promoting a positive school environment and improving the academic achievements of all students. Counselors help eliminate barriers to success by facilitating access to information, resources and support services appropriate to each student's needs.

Professional school counselors assist students in planning, monitoring, and understanding their own educational and personal development. They play an important role in helping students explore academic options and transition from one grade level to the next.

Professional school counselors also provide individual and group counseling for students whose personal concerns or problems put their personal, social, career and/or educational development at risk.

For information about support services for students, click here.