Request a Transcript

The State of Texas Academic Achievement Record (transcript) is a permanent document. All SWHS transcripts are housed in a secure location on campus.

The only information posted to the transcript is related to courses taken and testing results that directly affect graduation from high school.

Written authorization to release the document must be provided each time a transcript is processed.  Parent signature is required until the student graduates or turns 18 years of age..

What are official transcripts?
  • signed by a school official (registrar) and stamped with an embossed Spring Woods High School seal,
  • enclosed in a sealed envelope,
  • mailed directly from one institution to another.

How to Request Transcripts

Click HERE to request a transcript.  


  A window of 5-7 working days should be allowed for our staff to process your transcript request.

The registrar’s office will not fax transcripts.